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The Rensselaer IOBoard™ is a small, inexpensive hardware platform for use in a classroom environment. Coupled with the Mobile Studio Desktop™ software, the system duplicates a large amount of the hardware often used to teach Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Control Systems, and Physics, among others.


Student using IOBoard The hardware component of the system is a small printed circuit board, populated with all the components required to implement an oscilloscope, function generator, spectrum analyzer, volt meter, and digital input/output. The hardware connects to a PC via USB, and is powered by the user's PC, eliminating the need for a bulky AC transformer. The hardware costs about as much as an average textbook.


On the PC, the included Mobile Studio Desktop™ software provides the user with "benchtop equivalent" displays that mimic their physical counterparts. This allows students to learn how to use the instruments, and have the knowledge gained be applicable to their future careers. In addition to providing standard instrumentation options, the software takes advantage of the immense processing power of the modern PC, giving the user access to features usually only found on high-end equipment, and the ability to easily save data and plots.


Mobile Studio Desktop™ The Rensselaer IOBoard™ is easily expandable by way of several daughterboard connectors. Nearly all the resources of the board can be accessed by a daughterboard, allowing a daughterboard to enhance current features or add completely new features. For advanced daughterboards, inter-processor communication is available between the IOBoard and a daughterboard.

The Mobile Studio Desktop™ software is also easily expandable by way of a "Plugin" system. The software automatically finds and loads both new hardware drivers and new features that can be installed at any time after the main application. This ensures that both your hardware and software are never out of date.


For those looking to use the Rensselaer IOBoard™ in a control environment, the hardware also communicates with National Instruments' LabVIEW 8.


EETimes Cover The Rensselaer Mobile Studio was featured on the cover of the September 24th, 2007 issue of EETimes. The full text of the article can be viewed here.

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